As most of us are now aware, the Yulin dog meat festival started yesterday in China and although the plight against this horrific event often seems futile, there is good news coming our way in regard to the banning of this barbaric practice.

A South Korean court has finally declared that the killing of dogs for meat is now illegal, which many of us are sincerely hoping is the beginning of the end.

Despite there being no specific ban and the law on the matter is still a bit of a legal grey area, eating dog meat in South Korea is becoming a very taboo subject. Over the years, the consumption of dog meat has declined and now new regulations are being put in place such as making cruel slaughter house practices illegal and tougher hygiene regulations will be enforced.

Campaigners and activists have been fighting for a ban on the dog meat trade for a long time and last year the animal rights group Care filed complaints against a dog meat farm operator accusing him of “killing animals without proper reason”, so although this is not an outright ban, it sure is a step in the right direction.

To read more up on the Yulin dog meat festival and the dog meat trade, please follow this link: Yulin

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