Doisy & Dam Release New Range of Products


This January, premium chocolate makers Doisy & Dam will launch their brand-new range of goodies.


Doisy & Dam Launch vegan Malteasers, M&Ms and Buttons 1

Doisy & Dam Launch vegan Malteasers, M&Ms and Buttons 2

Doisy & Dam founders and childhood friends Ed Smith and Richard Wilkinson, are on a mission to shake up the sweet aisle, capturing the nostalgia of childhood treats.


The three creations include a dairy-free equivalent to Malteasers (Ballers), Chocolate buttons (Buttons) and M&Ms (D&Ds) – in their own words, ‘Chocolate makes everything better, so we made everything about chocolate better’.


The new products are made using only the finest, ethically-sourced, single-origin Colombian chocolate as well as being 30 per cent lower in sugar than the market-leading product. In addition to this, they contain no palm oil and have all-natural ingredients whilst being a B-Corp certified company.


Doisy & Dam Launch vegan Malteasers, M&Ms and Buttons 3

Doisy & Dam co-founder, Ed, commented: ‘We are unbelievably excited to reveal our new range of products here at Doisy & Dam. Ballers, Buttons and D&Ds represent classic British sweets that have grown up and blossomed into high-quality, ethical and sustainable treats.


We see this as the next generation in the confectionery world. We can’t wait for people to get their hands on them’.


2020 will also see Doisy & Dam relaunch their signature vibrant packaging with a bold new look and logo across all of their products. The new eye-catching designs will feature a host of colours and striking patterns, with the same delicious chocolate inside.


Doisy & Dam’s Ballers, Buttons and D&Ds will be available exclusively in 790 Holland & Barrett stores nationwide in two new sizes; impulse bags, which are ideal for snacking on the go and share pouches – the perfect size to indulge with friends and family.


RRP £1.35 for the impulse bags and £2.50 for the share pouches.

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