You can now get a Domino's vegan pizza in the UK

Domino’s vegan pizza is finally here

It’s been a long time coming, but Domino’s vegan pizza options have finally landed in the UK


vegan pizza dominoes


After a highly successful trial earlier this year, which took place at 46 Domino’s stores across the UK, two tasty vegan pizzas have been added to Dominoes menus nationwide.


Domino’s Vegan Pizza


  • The Vegan Margherita – made using the company’s signature vine-ripened tomato sauce; Domino’s very own vegan cheese alternative, and topped with freshly diced tomatoes and a scattering of the restaurant’s unique herb blend.


  • The Vegan Vegi Supreme – this plant-based pizza stays true to the veggie original, coming topped with an assortment of delicious vegetables, including mushrooms, sweetcorn, onions, green and red peppers.


Vegan Garlic & Herb Dip


vegan garlic and herb dip dominoes



When the trial took place, Domino’s new vegan fans challenged the pizza chain to create a plant-based version of the famous Garlic & Herb dip they’d not yet been able to sample.


Their sauce requests have been answered, as the food innovation crew at Domino’s have created a vegan-friendly version of the iconic dip, so vegans everywhere can enjoy the full dunking experience, too.


‘The Magic of Domino’s’



Melanie Howe, ‘Legume Legend’ at Domino’s says: “Domino’s may not be the first, but following fantastic feedback from our recent trial, we’re confident ours tastes the best.”


“Our pizza chefs have been tucked away in test kitchens perfecting the recipe to ensure our vegan-friendly range recreates the unique magic of Domino’s famous original dough.”


“Of course, nothing says Domino’s like our Garlic & Herb dip, so we’re proud to have perfected a worthy equivalent of the legendary pot, so our vegan fans can also dunk or drizzle to their hearts’ content.”


vegan pizza dominoes


The Domino’s vegan-friendly range is available in stores across the UK and ROI now, and can be ordered online.




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