Domino’s Pizza Trial Vegan Cheese in the UK

Takeaway pizza chain Domino’s have announced that they are adding vegan cheese to their menu in the UK to test the popularity of the product. The option will be available in select locations as part of the trial, but it could be introduced nationwide if the vegan cheese option is successful.

Other Domino’s locations around the world have added the dairy-free option to their menu as a permanent feature, with New Zealand and the Netherlands being two of these countries. Follow Your Heart cheese has been added to the menu is Australian stores, too.

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BREAKING: Swipe Left to see the new vegan pizza trialling in the UK!!! . The Vegan Supreme Domino's has been spotted on their website. It would appear a "trial" is going on in some parts of the UK – this screenshot was taken from Durham. And it has vegan cheese!! . How good would this be? Very exciting . If you find out any more news then please Tag @vegan_food_uk . #veganfooduknews #veganfooduk #veganfood #veganuk #ukvegan #vegans #plantbased #accidentallyveganuk #accidentallyvegan #vegannews #latestveganews #veganpizza #dominos #vegandominos #veganjunkfoood #@accidentallyveganuk @the.undisputable.vegans @vegancommunity @vivacharity @veganfoodandliving @weareveganuary #vgang #veganpower #veganlife #veganliving

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Vegan cheese has been added to a handful of restaurant chains in the UK within recent years; Pizza Hut, Pizza Express and Zizzi’s to name a few. The demand for vegan cheese has grown exponentially in line with the amount of vegans in the country and most major supermarkets are now showcasing their own brand of vegan cheese to keep up with the demand. Not only that, supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s are introducing a variety of dairy-free and vegan pizzas to their shelves and major food producers such as Goodfellows are jumping on the plant-based bandwagon. Asda have also revealed recently that they will be adding dairy-free cheese to their in-store Pizza counter and meat substitute producers Oomph will be selling a vegan pizza in Tescos stores very soon.

As flexitarianism is on the rise and people are becoming more open to the idea of trying new foods, it is no wonder that the demand for more vegan options in restaurants and supermarkets is increasing. Only last week we covered the news that British pub chain Green King have introduced a vegan menu to their Hungry Horse restaurants and Café Rouge have also recently introduced a new vegan-friendly menu to their chain of eateries.


We anticipate an even bigger growth in the amount of food that is available to vegans and vegetarians over the forthcoming months and years, with exciting times ahead for the vegans out there that enjoy their grub and simply want to eat food that they enjoyed during their pre-vegan days.

There is no denying it, veganism is becoming easier by the day and plant-based diets seem to be more than just a ‘fad’.


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