Duplicity Part 2: Liberate Your Conscience

By Alex on Fruits

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An animal in captivity is one of the saddest things. Aquariums, marine parks, zoos, petting zoos, circuses, and the like are animal prisons. Vegans don’t go to these places of “entertainment”. Vegans also don’t wear animal skin and fur or support animal testing. Fur farms are the things of nightmares and the leather industry is no better. Animal testing is something that should not exist anymore. We have advanced so far in technology that we don’t need to torture innocent animals anymore.

There are children’s movies that have spoken to how barbaric and cruel these industries are.

“Madagascar” features penguins in a zoo who want to escape. The penguins know that the zoo is an unnatural setting; the real animals in the real zoos are no different. We can’t forget about the circuses. “Dumbo” demonstrated the cruelty there. There is a scene where Dumbo’s mother is whipped, roped, and shackled. Some of the circus workers even have bullhooks in their hands. “Free Willy” talks about a young orca whale in a marine park separated from his family. All animals deserve to be free in their natural habitats.

Wearing animals is a heartless thing in this day and age. We can wear other things that don’t involve the death of animals. “101 Dalmatians” exposes how malicious one has to be to want living creatures to die all so one can wear a coat made out of the creatures’ skin or fur. “The Shaggy Dog” speaks to animal testing and how inhumane it is.

Despite the VEGAN messages in these films, parents still take their children to visit aquariums, marine parks, zoos, petting zoos, and circuses. Parents have them wearing little leather jackets and using animal-tested products, thereby supporting the unnecessary animal cruelty. How can one day’s message be ‘say no to animal cruelty’ and the next day’s message be ‘support animal cruelty’?

Phillip Wollen said, “The most disgusting four letter word in the English language is ‘cage’.”


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Alex on Fruits is a vegan blogger and activist. Alex has been vegan since 2007 and stands up against any and all injustice to any and all beings. Alex’s activism is through many mediums; social media influencing, web development, and web design.


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