Earthling Ed gives TEDx talk on veganism in Sweden

Renowned vegan activist, Ed Winters (Earthing Ed), presented a TEDx talk on veganism in Sweden over the weekend. Ed is known for his calm and compassionate manner when discussing veganism, making many non-vegans carefully consider their stance on animal agriculture.

Ed also runs the vegan campaign group, Surge, who educate people on vegan topics, as well as conducting The Official Animal Rights March, annually.

Surge also opened Unity Diner in London – a not-for-profit eatery, serving delicious vegan food in Hoxton, with all funds going towards Surge’s activism.

Speaking about the chance to give a TEDx talk on Instagram, Ed wrote: “I’m incredibly honoured that today I was given the opportunity to deliver a TEDx talk on veganism at Lund University in Sweden.

“I’ve learnt so much from watching other TEDx talks in the past and I really hope that my talk will be able to inspire others in the same way that other people’s talks have inspired me.”

Ed regularly tours, delivering talks in universities on veganism, and also produced the documentary Land of Hope and Glory, exposing the realities of farming in the UK.

The TEDx talk isn’t available to watch just yet, but it is expected to be available on YouTube in the near future.


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