Earthling Ed to Open a Non-Profit Vegan Diner

Vegan activist Earthling Ed is going to be opening a vegan diner in London, to raise money for his activist group Surge. The eatery will be non-profit, with all money that is raised going towards the grassroots animal rights campaigners.

Opening in Hoxton, East London, Unity Diner will be offering a range of vegan food. Food that I expected to be on the menu includes a cherry pie and vegan ‘chicken’ pancakes.

Speaking to Plant Based News, Earthling Ed said: “My vision is for people to come into the diner, eat delicious vegan food and on their way home come across the advertising campaign that they’ve just funded through their meal. Unity Diner allows people to become an active part of creating a world where compassion towards all non-human animals is the norm.”

Ed shared some more information about the restaurant on social media, writing: “Over a year ago I approached an extremely kind individual who wanted to help us turn our animal rights organisation Surge into something more, but they wanted us to be able to fund ourselves and self-sustainable – so we collectively conceptualised Unity Diner.

“Within one year of opening, the income generated from Unity Diner will have allowed us to run large scale vegan advertisement campaigns in London (and hopefully across more of the UK), as well as funding the development of The Surge Sanctuary – which will open in late 2019.

“We’ll also be producing new and unique content (such as mini-documentaries) and pushing our workload to the next level. We’re also currently in the process of registering Surge as a UK charity, which is incredibly exciting too.”

You can read the full Facebook post here, and keep up to date with Ed and Surge’s progress via his social media.


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