Easy Guide to Eating Vegan at Chain Restaurants

Do you have problems navigation the vegan option at your favourite restaurant? Helena Jones gives you a guide to the options at popular chains


The high street is starting to catch up with vegan demand. While many plant-based eaters are used to having a side salad and a bowl of chips when eating it, it is becoming increasingly easy to find hearty, delicious meals in a number of popular stores. This guide is a useful resource for when you’re out and about. We recommend you take a snap of this page on your phone, so it’s always to hand.


All allergen information was correct at the time of going to press.



This restaurant, serving what it describes as ‘Latin-style food, has its very own vegan menu. Plant-based dishes include three mushroom fajitas, moqueca coconut curry and chilli con verduras. For something sweet diners can enjoy the coconut tembleque pudding.



Ask your waiter for the separate vegan menu. It’s not the most exciting selection (there’s a simple spaghetti al Pomodoro for the pasta dish) but it’s all tasty-especially the bruschetta. And there’s dessert too, in the form of lemon, mandarin and melon sorbet.



Jamie’s online menu clearly labels everything that’s vegan and there’s an amazing range of choices. For starters try the roasted squash bruschetta. Main meals range from Harissa-spiced Aubergine, Wild Mushroom and Winter Greens Risotto to Veggie Tagliatelle Bolognese



This Japanese restaurant clearly says on every dish if it has dairy or egg ingredients. Wasabi does great vegan sushi such as the tofu roll and avocado homosaki, a delicious pumpkin croquette salad and warm tofu yakisoba.



This chain pizza restaurant has been catering to vegans for a while, with its cheese-free pianta pizza. Loaded up with fresh rocket, spinach, chestnut mushrooms, pine kernels and artichokes, with arrabbiata base sauce, it’s a very tasty option. As all the pizza bases are vegan, you can sub any animal-derived ingredients on any pizza. Additionally, if you bring your own vegan cheese, chefs will put on your pizza (as long as it’s in a sealed packet and is in date). Dough balls are also SFV provided your waiter brings olive oil for dipping, and not the garlic butter which normally accompanies them.



The website has a special vegan filter, and you can also amend a lot of dishes to make them vegan. The chips and garlic bread are vegan, along with houmous with PERI-PERI drizzle, chargrilled veg and corn on the cob. You can also order the Portabello mushroom pitta without Halloumi, quinoa salad and their Mediterranean salad without feta. Hold the mayo on a veggie burger and you’re good to go. A number of stores have passion fruit gelado which is also SFV.



Giraffe serves a number of ‘global, family-friendly dishes’, many of which are very meaty. But vegans can find something to eat on the extensive menu. The tofu and squash laksa as it comes. Alternatively you can ask for the falafel and red pepper and harissa houmous no-bun burger-just replace the tzaziki with baba ganoush or more houmous. Or for something lighter you can order the Marrakech market salad without the lemon honey dressing.



Whilst it may appear like there is hardly anything suitable here, the kitchen is very happy to amend recipes for vegans. The toasted focaccia is already vegan. But you could ask for wild mushroom risotto or cherry bell pepper and spring vegetable risotto. Just make sure you ask them to use oil instead of butter and cheese.



Zizzi’s, which serves Italian-style fare, has been a bit on a hit with vegans on social media recently, after launching its new menu. Now vegans are catered for well, with the brand’s ‘mozzarisella’ a dairy-free cheese made from rice, which can top any pizza. There is also a SFV coconut and mango swirl gelato for afters, as well as a good range of vegan wines.  There are a number of dishes which can be adapted to make them free of animal-derived ingredients. Try the spaghetti pomodora without mozzarella, or the pappardellepollo funghi without chicken.



This wallet-friendly pub has recently launched a menu with its vegan items, and the dishes that can be adapted to make them SFV. Dishes include pasta pomodoro, vegetable samosas, jacket potatoes with a side salad and baked beans, large onion bhajis and sweet potato, and chickpea and spinach curry. The new list Supplied with the menu) also features possibilities that can be made vegan with a simple modification including nachos-hold the cheese and sour cream, mini corn on the cob-ask for it without butter, and a side salad, minus creamy dressing.


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