Easy Jet Promise To Off-Set Carbon Emissions

Easy Jet Promise To Off-Set Carbon Emissions

Easy Jet will be the first major airline to offset their carbon emissions from the fuel used for every single one of their flights.

Each journey they operate will come with the promise of offsetting the carbon it produces, by investing in projects that include planting trees and protecting against deforestation.

The budget travel operators have acknowledged that carbon offsetting is ‘Only an interim measure while new technologies are developed’, but ‘At the moment we believe it’s the best way to remove carbon from the atmosphere’.

Not stopping there, Easy Jet will continue to find other ways to reduce carbon emissions such as taxiing on one engine or removing weight from their aircraft – both of which use less fuel.

British Airways has also announced that from January 2020, they have additional plans to offset the carbon emissions from all of its UK domestic flights. This will include up to 75 domestic flights per day between London and ten UK cities.

This progress is a result of the anti-flying movement that was started in Sweden by singer Staffan Lindberg, back in 2017. He wrote an article entitled, Koldioxidbantaren, which was signed by five of his famous friends, who all agreed to give up flying.

Known as Flygskam in Swedish, or ‘flight-shaming’, it has become an environmental movement across Europe, encouraging people to stop taking flights as a means of transport.

The young activist Greta Thunberg is also behind the effort as she recently demonstrated when she travelled through Europe by train and then in August 2019, sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to attend climate conferences in New York City and Chile. She sailed from Plymouth in England to New York City in the United States, aboard the Malizia II – a racing yacht equipped with solar panels and underwater turbines, all in a bid to highlight the no-fly movement.






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