Vegan Life writes about Veggie Galaxy in Boston, MA, where you can fully indulge in an American diner experience with zero animal products.


Veggie Galaxy Burger Boston Massachusetts


Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and New England’s largest city it is also the perfect place to be at this time of year. In Autumn, or fall if you’re American, the New England region is awash with beautiful oranges, reds and browns as the trees start to drop their leaves in earnest and shop windows are adorned with a rainbow of autumnal colours. At this time of year, the American Football season has begun as well and one of the game’s most successful teams, The New England Patriots, are based just outside the city. Boston is perhaps overshadowed by its close proximity to New York but this beautiful city has just as much to offer. From the famous Boston Tea Party Ships to the Museum of Fine Arts, there is plenty to entertain, yet perhaps the biggest draw Boston can offer the vegan traveller is the incredible Veggie Galaxy.


Eating Out at Veggie Galaxy, Boston 1Veggie Galaxy is a short walk from the heart of Boston over the Harvard Bridge and is close to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as Harvard University itself, which is definitely worth visiting. From the outside, Veggie Galaxy is reminiscent of Pizza Planet (from the Toy Story films) and on the inside it presents as a typical American diner with red stalls at the bar an open kitchen.



The menu is extensive, as Veggie Galaxy is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All menu items are vegetarian and every single thing in the restaurant can be made vegan. In addition, all of the baked goods are made in-house and are always 100 per cent vegan, the cocktails and beers are all vegan and there are vegan wine options. Heaven!



If you are one for a hearty breakfast, Veggie Galaxy will not disappoint. Avocado toast with shiitake bacon, vegan eggs benedict or pancakes with coconut cream and berries are just some of the delicious breakfasts which will ensure you won’t get hungry before lunch. Try the corned-beef seitan hash for a typical American breakfast or, if you are feeling particularly adventurous, biscuits and gravy!


If you visit this mecca later on in the day, start with an indulgently thick frappe in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours and pair with the enormous Kendall Square mountain-of-a-burger (black bean patty, roasted red pepper puree and onion rings). If you want to go all-out American, you can order a side of vegan mac and cheese to share.


Veggie Galaxy Massachusetts ShakesSome of the most popular options at Veggie Galaxy though, are their vegan doughnuts which are made fresh onsite. Flavours including, but not limited to, lemon meringue pie, passion fruit, lime and coconut and the classic glazed are deliciously tempting and even if you are too full after your savoury splurge, make sure you get one (or more) to take away. They are undeniably worth the innumerable calories.


Dessert options include Boston cream pie, brownies, snickers pie and chocolate cake, all of which can be served with vegan ice cream or whipped cream.


These are not the subtle flavours of a delicate French tarte au citron or a Victoria sponge cake, but that is not what Veggie Galaxy is about. Veggie Galaxy is about extravagance, it’s about taking your non-vegan friend to a place where they will be amazed that the food in front of them does not contain a single animal product. It’s about having a bit of fun with food and not taking life too seriously. After all, what’s life without a little indulgence?



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