Eco start-up will use coffee waste to replace palm oil

Revive Eco are setting out to make the world a better place


After receiving £235,000 of funding from Zero Waste Scotland, the innovative brand are well on their way to building their company to replace palm oil using coffee waste.


How does it work?

Co-founders Scott Kennedy and Fergus Moore from Scotland have been developing a process to extract and then purify the oils that are found in coffee waste, which in turn could be used in products like food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, in place of palm oil.


A company with ‘ambition’

‘In the UK, we drink 55 million cups of coffee each day, leading to over half a million tonnes of coffee grounds being generated and wasted.


We strive to radically change mindsets, and show that materials can still possess huge value, even after being used for their primary purpose,’ the brands website states.


“We set out with the simple ambition of finding a use for coffee beyond the usual morning pick-me-up and bringing new life to what was previously viewed as waste.”


“Having worked in cafes and restaurants for a number of years, we became sick and tired of seeing more and more coffee grounds being needlessly sent to landfill.”


Going global

During an interview, Moore told BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland programme that they are aiming for the process to be “up and running in Glasgow by next summer.”


He continued: “Longer term, we want to build the business to a place where we can franchise into different countries and replicate the business model elsewhere.”


“We’d rather build a new process in Rome, Paris, Berlin – any other big coffee-drinking cities [around] the world.”


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