Ethical Careers

Ethical Careers

Do you need help looking for the vegan job of your dreams? New platform, Ethical Careers, brings conscious employers and employees together. By Sabrina Lee

Tania and I, co-founders of Ethical Careers, are both vegan entrepreneurs who felt there wasn't a dedicated platform that provided a space to connect people wanting to work in ethical careers and the businesses and charities providing these opportunities.

We work with charities, social enterprises, eco and socially conscious businesses, but we have a particular focus on vegan businesses, as helping this sector to grow is a particular passion of ours.

Initially, we launched the platform Ethical Careers, because we felt there was a great need for it; that nothing that supports ethical businesses find the talent they need to grow really exists.

Secondly, because Tania and I have complementary skills which can support both candidates and employers in their recruitment journey. I work on career coaching for people who wish to transition to more meaningful careers, using LinkedIn as a tool. Tania is a vegan HR consultant and has a huge amount of experience and knowledge supporting employers with recruitment and employment issues.

Unlike other platforms we bring our own experience and expertise into the mix which makes Ethical Careers unique.

Connecting conscious workers
The aim is to get as many ethical and vegan employers to use the site as possible, and to act as a growth hub and talent marketplace for these companies, charities and social enterprises. Our core values are to create a plant-based, ethical and sustainable world and we believe matching these kinds of enterprises with the talent they need to grow and thrive is imperative.

We help job seekers with an interest in pursuing ethical career opportunities connect with and find employers in the eco and socially conscious, sustainable and vegan businesses and charity sector. Candidates can upload their CVs and employers can search our Ethical Candidates database.

We also have an advice centre with loads of tips and advice for your job search, as well as career coaching services for people who would like more in-depth help in finding meaning and significance in their careers.

We help employers by getting them quality candidates. We make sure all adverts are SEO'd, and are pushed out across our social media platforms, and across a range of relevant Facebook groups, as well as within our own extensive networks in the charity and vegan business sectors.

Job searching woes, rectified
It can be difficult to find a site where the jobs that really align with your values can be found in one place. And where this is available it's unlikely to come with the level of personal input and support we offer to people through the site.

We have everything from environmentally conscious cleaning companies to vegan advocacy organisations, offering opportunities for a range of candidates with different skills, interests and levels of experience. We have jobs in plant-based restaurants, ethical e-commerce stores, recently some web development and vegan accounting jobs were listed. So, a big range with a common thread of being ethical, cruelty-free, sustainable in their approach.

Advice for ethical job-seekers
If you're finding it tough to source a role, I would say definitely keep going. Having a job which is aligned with your passions and values is so fulfilling that it's worth taking the time to research and learn about the opportunities that are out there in the fields that interest you. Connect and network with people in the organisations you are interested in on LinkedIn, and get as much support as you can from people who work in the sector. There are lots of people willing to help you find your next opportunity.

The future
We are taking it slowly at the moment, building our audience and our database of employers and candidates. It's difficult to know how it will evolve. We are both very interested in the consultancy and coaching support we provide on both the employer and candidate side so we may look to make this a much bigger part of the business to help ethical and vegan businesses grow.

For more from Sabrina and Tania, co-founders of Ethical Careers, visit and follow them on IG @ethical_careers


Ethical Careers
Ethical Careers


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