Evanna Lynch Launches Vegan Podcast With Harry Potter Actor

Evanna Lynch may be best known, in general, for her role as Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter. However, within the vegan community she is a much loved vegan advocate and role model and she is now launching her vegan podcast.

Evanna’s podcast is going to be called The Chickpeeps and will feature Evanna herself as well as three co-hosts.

The podcast is going to focus on vegan issues and news stories to “help change people’s perceptions of veganism and to show them that it is a joyful, abundant, rewarding lifestyle that is based on compassion for animals AND people.”

Evanna Lynch is not the only Harry Potter star of the Chickpeeps. Robbie Jarvis (@robbjarvis), who played the young James Potter in the Order of the Phoenix will be joining Evanna to talk all things vegan. As well as Evanna and Robbie, Tylor Starr (@tylorstarr), a Harry Potter fan and vegan activist, and MOMOKO (@oh_momoko).

At the moment the podcast is ‘coming soon’ but we have high hopes that it’s going to be magical.


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