Exclusive: We Speak To Fauxmagerie About their Festive Collaboration with Branston Pickle

Did someone say Bring Out the Branston?


British classic condiment, Branston Pickle and plant-based cheesemonger, La Fauxmagerie, have launched a festive hamper, ensuring that vegans can also enjoy the ultimate cheese and pickle tradition this Christmas.


The famous chutney producers have partnered with the UK’s first vegan cheesemongers, La Fauxmagerie, to pair Branston’s tangy range with their delicious plant-based cheeses.


The brand believes that being dairy-free or vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the perfect cheese and pickle combination during the prime cheese-eating season.


The collaboration highlights Branston’s commitment to bringing delicious pickle and cheese pairings to all, no matter what your foodie inclinations may be.


The Fauxmagerie and Branston Hamper

Vegan cheese fans can attend one of two exclusive tasting events at the La Fauxmagerie flagship store in Shoreditch in December, where they can enjoy Britain’s finest artisanal vegan cheeses, including (of course) a classic addition to any cheeseboard: Branston Pickle.


Vegan Life asked Fauxmagerie a few questions about their collaboration with the pickle brand…


Branston Pickle is an iconic brand, so how did the partnership come about?

We were delighted to be approached by Branston earlier this Winter, regarding a potential collaboration. Like many people, we didn’t even realise that Branston pickle was vegan, and were so pleased to rediscover this childhood favourite of ours. We’re sure most would agree that Branston pickle and cheese is a great combination, so this partnership was a total no-brainer for us!

What inspired you to create the Christmas hamper?

Much like Branston, we don’t think that anyone who has ditched dairy should miss out on a fantastic cheeseboard this year. With this hamper, in particular, our customers can explore new and innovative cheeses from our independent suppliers and pair them with Branston pickle, with its much-loved, familiar tanginess. We love putting together hamper menus for our customers who are often new to many of our products, as it provides a great introduction to an array of cheeses all at once. With each hamper, we try to cover a range of bases (i.e. soya, cashew, almond), flavours and textures for our customers to explore.

How did you decide on the final selection of cheeses in the hamper?

While we do put together taster boxes for our customers every month, for this particular hamper we wanted to include cheeses that pair very well with Branston pickle. These include the cheddary cashew-based Farmhouse, a cashew cheese laced with smoked paprika and a great, smokey soya-based melting cheese. We wanted to include rich cashew cheeses to enjoy on crackers, but also melting cheeses to make gorgeous gooey Branston toasties. We think the variety of cheeses in the hamper will be a hit with customers, and we’re sure the pickles will be a welcomed accompaniment!

What do you think makes the perfect vegan cheese and pickle combo?

We think the best cheeses to pair with Branston are those with a tangy cheddar flavour or those with a strong, smoky character. We’ve included some rich, savoury cheeses with strong umami notes along with smokier, piquant cheeses to perfectly compliment the sweet tanginess of the pickle. We also love to play with textures in our pairings and have written pairing suggestions on the menu for customers to try out, including our recommendation for a delicious ploughman’s sandwich and our best cheese to enjoy on crackers with the pickle.

Is there a vegan cheese you find people requesting, that has not yet been created or replicated well?

Our most popular requests include blue cheeses, camembert and cheddar. Luckily we do have some great alternatives to all of these that are incredibly popular with our customers, but with more and more artisans emerging onto the vegan cheese scene we cannot wait to see what will pop up next!

Are there any vegan cheese trends you are predicting for the future?

As our suppliers expand their businesses, we hope that their manufacturing can be scaled in a way to make production cheaper, so savings can be passed onto customers to make high-quality vegan cheese accessible to even more people. We’re incredibly proud to play a role in this and look forward to our shared growth over the coming years.

What is your personal favourite cheese from the hamper and why?

That’s a tough one! We think the best cheese in the hamper to pair with Branston pickle is Farmhouse, which has that classic, umami cheddary flavour. It’s super smooth with buttery notes, making it a great cheese to eat with the Original pickle for more of a bite. We also love Veganzola, which is a mould-ripened Gorgonzola style cheese made with almonds. This cheese is our best-seller, and once you try it, you’ll see exactly why.

Has La Fauxmagerie got any plans to expand in 2020, or to maybe open another establishment?

Absolutely. We’ve got some amazing developments in the pipeline, so we would encourage readers to keep an eye on our Instagram to get our news hot off the press.


Hamper contents include:

  • Muenster –The Arty Vegan – a smoky and smooth cheese
  • Feta Style – Food by Sumear
  • Red Queen – Black Arts Vegan – a smoky melting cheese with a hit of paprika
  • Farmhouse – Kinda Co. – a semi-hard cheddar style cheese
  • G.O.A.T – I Am Nut Ok – a tangy, herby cashew cheese
  • Veganzola – Honestly Tasty
  • Papa Rica – I Am Nut Ok – an aged cheese with smoky paprika
  • Paulas Garlic Butter
  • Spirulina Blue – Kinda Co.
  • Branston’s pickle range including Branston Original, Smooth and Small Chunk pickles


The Branston x La Fauxmagerie December taster box, a festive vegan cheese and pickle hamper, will be available to purchase throughout the UK on La Fauxmagerie’s website and in-store, throughout December for £25.






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