Greene King Flaming Grill are now offering VBites ‘Making Waves’ vegan fish steaks at over 140 restaurants throughout the country. It will be served as a fried dish with capers, lemon wedges and fresh herbs, with chips.

The addition of vegan options at Flaming Grill account for the growing population of vegans, with the option now available in what is a traditionally meat-heavy restaurant it shows how the movement is not slowing down. While some vegans might feel uncomfortable with the idea of eating in a restaurant that is meat-heavy restaurant, the option is welcomed.

In a statement, the pub company said: “Meat reducers and flexitarians can now enjoy the iconic traditional fish and chips, with a clear conscience as they enjoy the UK’s first truly sustainable ‘fish’ made entirely from plant based ingredients.

“The contaminants in our oceans are finding their way into the food chain. Through taste-obsessed development, the ‘making Waves’ range proves some delicious, truly revolutionary alternatives to real fish, which look and taste the same, but without harming any fish or our oceans at all.”

The VBites ‘Making Waves’ range used is also Halal and Kosher certified, and vegan fish fingers, vegan tuna pâte, vegan smoked salmon, vegan fishcakes and vegan scampi bites are all included in the range.


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