Food Producers are Fighting the Vegan Force

By Chantelle Leach

Once again, big food manufacturers are feeling the strain that veganism is putting on the meat and dairy industry. Due to this, companies are having to find new ways of reinventing meat products, and this time they are targeting children.

ABP Food Group are one of these companies obviously feeling the pressure that veganism has generated, so they have come up with what they consider, an ingenious way of getting children to eat more red meat – more processed red meat in fact.

Their plan?

ABP have decided to use DC Comics’ superheroes as a way of enticing the younger generation into eating more of their products. The range with include fresh and frozen burgers and sausages in flavours such as “pork and baked beans” and “pork, cheese and ketchup”.

Commercial Director of ABP UK, Darren Jones, said: “We are delighted to be partner with an iconic brand such as Warner Brothers and the DC universe. This is a first for the fresh and frozen meat categories and a significant step in helping create “excitement” for, and, build interest in meat products for younger consumers.”

So, there we have it folks, there are actually companies out there who are pleased with themselves for creating products that are constantly being shamed as the leading cause of multiple health issues including heart disease, diabetes, varying types of cancer and obesity.

It’s also quite ironic that superheroes are set to plaster the packaging of these overly processed foods – that should definitely come with a health warning – and they would never advocate anything so environmentally destructive as red meat production, not to mention the abhorrent animal welfare issues that surround these food items.

Unfortunately, when these products hit ASDA stores this BBQ season, the appeal of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman will be hard to resist for youngsters, who will only see their idols faces staring back at them when they get to chose their dinner time treat.


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