Footballer Chris Smalling Goes Fully Vegan

Footballer Chris Smalling has revealed his recent injury free footballing success is due to his transition to veganism.

Smalling is one of five centre backs that play for Manchester United Football Club and in the past, Smalling has been quite susceptible to a number of injuries including tendinitis in his knee. However, this all seems to be changing as Smalling has noticed how fit, healthy and injury free he has become since switching to a plant-based diet.

His wife Sam Smalling describes herself as a ‘vegan who loves to cook’ and has an instagram account dedicated to the vegan food she makes and finds. She has been a passionate vegan for a number of years and would always cook vegan food for him at home, however, Chris would always eat his normal diet when they dined out.

The talented 28-year-old footballer has realised though how much better he feels since becoming fully vegan admitting that his tendinitis would flair up when he ate red meat – “After a while I started to cut out red meat. One of the reasons I started to was because red meat causes quite a lot of inflammation and I had quite a lot of tendinitis in my knee, which quite a lot of footballers get.”

In addition to this, Smalling told television sports channel ESPN that “Now I’ve gone fully vegan and normally the start of preseason can be quite a tough time because you’re loading and that’s normally when it’s at its worst but I haven’t felt it at all… When I started out I had quite a lot of injuries,” he said. “Not because I was eating badly but as I’ve got older I’ve become a lot more conscious of my diet and making sure I was getting all the right things.”

Smalling was also spotted on his wife’s instagram recently trying on a new pair of shoes made from pineapple skin leather created by designer Hugo Boss. His ethical fashion choices suggest that the footballer has taken veganism to heart and is making more compassionate choices not just with his eating habits, but in general, no doubt with the full support of his lovely wife Sam.



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