Forest Green Rovers Launch Vegan School Food Range

UK football club, Forest Green Rovers has launched a new range of vegan products to encourage meat and dairy free days on school menus around the country. The ‘Little Green Devils’ range has been developed in-house at the football club and all of the items are plant-based.

Products in the range includes vegetable burgers and balls which are vegan, allergen free, uncoated and not fried, and they meet the demands of being suitable as a protein source, which could be central on a school menu.

The product range has gathered the interest of caterers and wholesalers around the UK, who serve meals in over 8,000 schools. The Little Green Devils selection will be available for the new school term, launching in autumn 2018.

Keeping up with the club’s green credentials, they will be made in a new factory which is powered by Ecotricity, a 100 per cent green energy provider. The packaging used for the range is compostable and recyclable, with a cardboard outer, compostable liner, label and case.

Forest Green Rovers chairman, Dale Vince, said: “We’d like to be in every school at least once a week because that would be a lovely thing to do. It’s about getting kids to eat healthier foods that can be vegan, gluten free and free of all 13 major allergens – so it’s super healthy but also has some football heritage which may encourage young kids to get involved.

“I don’t see why we couldn’t go international as we’ve been approached by universities so I can see it very quickly going beyond schools and maybe the country.”

Forest Green Rovers became the first certified vegan football club in 2016, after getting certification for the Vegan Society.


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