France Ban Use of Meat Terms on Meat-Free Items

France have banned the use of meat terms on meat-free products such as meat-free sausages and other items, with a fine in place if companies fail to adhere to the new measures. The new rules apply to vegan products that are marketed as dairy alternatives.

Failure to comply with the new rules can lead to fines up to €300,000 (around £260,000). The new bill is formed as an amendment to the agriculture bill, and it was proposed by Jean Baptiste-Moreau, an MP who is also a farmer.

It was argued that customers may find it confusing that meat-free items are branded under the same terms such as ‘sausages’, for example.

Jean-Baptiste Moreau tweeted an image of the amendment saying: “It is important to combat false claims. Our products must be designated correctly: the terms of #cheese or #steak will be reserved for products of animal origin.”

Last year, it was discussed that alternative dairy products such as milk and yoghurt would not be able to use these terms, which would be reserved for animal products and there has been no significant impact on the industry, which continues to grow.

What do you think about this news from France? An issue for vegan food alternatives or an easy hurdle to jump over?


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