Free London Cheese Festival Descended into Chaos Due to Overcrowding and Protesting Vegans

Furious cheese-lovers described the evening as ‘stressful’ and ‘the most disorganised event ever’.

A free cheese even descended into chaos on Wednesday after an ‘unprecedented number of people’ arrived at London’s Borough Market causing severe overcrowding.

The annual Evening of Cheese has been held at the market for over ten years, however last night’s scenes saw punters take to social media to complain of militant vegans, dangerous overcrowding and fights to get the stands.

A spokesperson for Borough Market told The Independent: “We’ve run the event for over 10 years now and this year there were just an unprecedented number of people.

“We’re having a look at the comments and so we’ll definitely be learning lessons for next year.”

More than 50 activists from animal rights group Surge attended the event.

The group’s Facebook posted:

With the comments:

“Tonight Borough Market held ‘an evening of cheese’ with an estimated 18 thousand people in attendance. We took this opportunity to do the first ever dairy themed Earthlings Experience. We stood inside and outside of the market screening footage of the reality of the dairy industry. One girl stood watching the footage crying, saying “I just didn’t know” – so many good conversations were had thanks to the amazing activists that were there, such committed individuals we are honoured to be working alongside. We also gave out vegan cheese samples and the ‘not your mum, not your milk’ placards made so many people think! Over 50 activists were there in total, which was so awesome <3″

A spokesperson for Borough Market told The Independent: “We were aware of a handful of vegan protestors on a street near the market and as far we were concerned it was a peaceful protest.”

Attendees took to social media to complain about the organisation of the event, with many complaining they had to leave before even seeing any cheese.

Borough Market’s Managing Director Darren Haneghan apologised to any visitors who were disappointed and said there were “lessons to be learnt”.

“We want to thank everyone who attended last night’s event. Whilst it went off without incident, we were saddened to hear that some of visitors were disappointed with the Evening of Cheese. For the last 10 years we have opened this historic and unique market at Christmas for this special event, and this year saw unprecedented numbers attend, making the market much busier than usual,” he said.

“Clearly there are some lessons to be learnt due to the event’s popularity and we’ll be taking feedback into account for next year. Despite this we’ve also received positive comments about the variety of cheese on offer from artisan producers around the world, and it is good to see the market, which is over 1000 years old, as popular as ever.”



Credit: The Evening Standard

Photo credit: Lofty (Twitter) – cited on Evening Standard


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