French-Styled Restaurant Chain Serves Up Vegan Burger

 Cafe Rouge Adds Moving Mountains Burger to Their Menu

The French-inspired bistro chain began life in London in 1989, and although not typically known for their vegan-friendly menu, Cafe Rouge has subtly been adding a number of plant-based dishes to their menu.

The most recent addition comes in the form of popular animal-free burger brand, Moving Mountains. The ‘bleeding’ burger has been added to the menus of a number of restaurant chains over the last year including family-friendly Harvesters, the pub chain Slug and Lettuce and most recently, Hard Rock Cafe.

The Cafe Rouge website states: “Whether you’re a flexitarian, on a part-time plant-based diet, or you’re full-time vegan – we’ve made sure that there are lots of delicious dishes for you to choose from on every menu” who now have over 70 outlets in the UK.

A few of these ‘delicious dishes’ include breakfast pancakes, a pea and mint tortellini starter, a vegetable tagine from the mains menu, and four tasty looking desserts including the French classic, Tarte Tatin and a French chocolate tarte from their evening set menu.

Soya milk is now also available on the drinks menu, so you can now enjoy a hot beverage with dairy-free milk.

To view more vegan-friendly options, visit the Cafe Rouge website.


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