Fully Vegan Fish and Chip Shop to Open in Hackney

Food seems to be a hot topic at the moment within the vegan community; Supermarket shelves are almost buckling with the weight of all the new vegan products they are stocking and each week, there seems to be some new exciting food item being released that we all want to try.

Restaurants aren’t ignoring the developing crusade either and are creating exciting new menus that will accommodate all dietary requirements. Many major restaurant chains are revealing delicious tasting vegan menu options with establishments such as Wagamama’s, Café Rouge, Hungry Horse, Pizza Express and Zizzi’s being just a few of the familiar high street eateries that have dutifully ventured into the plant-based food realm.

Let us not forget however, the independent food eateries who are also adapting their menus to be more vegan-friendly; Sutton & Sons, an award-winning family-run fish and chip shop in Hackney is opening London’s first stand-alone vegan ‘fish’ & chip shop.

Not only that, the menu is inexpensive and in keeping with what you’d expect to find on a traditional fish and chip menu. A portion of their infamous fish (made from banana blossom) and chips dinner will set you back a mere £7.50, while a serving of battered sausage and chips is a snip at £5.50.

The plan to open a fully vegan fish and chip shop stemmed from the success of the trial vegan menu, created at the start of this year by owners Danny and Hana Sutton for Veganuary.

Danny Sutton is “completely gob smacked by the popularity of our vegan menu” stating that “People have visited us from all over the country, just to try our take on vegan fish.  We didn’t have space in the Hackney branch like at Stoke Newington and Essex Road to provide the vegan menu, so we are chuffed to now provide a space dedicated to our new vegan customers.”