Study Says Generation Z Embracing Plant Based Foods

Generation Z is more likely than any other generation to embrace a diet which eliminates animal products. New research from Barclays shows that this younger generation eat more tofu and are over five times more likely to drink plant milk. As such sales of meat replacements are expected to reach over 5 billion dollars by 2020.

Meat replacements are fast becoming one of the biggest food industries and could change the way that the whole population eats, not just vegans.

Generation Z is defined by those born between the mid 1990s and the mid 2000s. Those born the century previous to this are known as millennials.

By 2020 Generation Z will make up 40 per cent of all consumers in the United States and their money will be more likely to be spent on plant based foods.

New research by Barclays shows that they eat 57 per cent more tofu and 550 per cent more non-dairy milk than the previous generation. Generation Z are also far more likely to be interested in health and fitness than previous generations.

This is great news for meat alternative companies such as Tofurky, Beyond Burger, Fry’s Family Foods and Quorn and signals a positive step towards the elimination of the perception of meat-eating as a requirement of a human diet and a world where animals are not used for human benefit.

However, the next step in food innovation is to realistically recreate seafood, which is often the last thing to leave the plate of many people moving towards a vegan diet. Impossible Foods, who have made the bleeding burger, have said that they want to use their technology to create sustainable, plant based fish replacement products. In fact, they have vowed to have replacements for all meats and sea foods by 2035.

Only time will tell if this is possible, but it is clear that Generation Z will be at the forefront of driving this change.


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