German brand launches vegan shoes made from coffee leather

Hopefully, in a not too far distant future, shoes made from animal leather will be no more


Vegan leather is cropping up everywhere, and sales of vegan shoes are skyrocketing. Alternatives made from pineapples, mushrooms, apples, and wine are available, and now, coffee.


This cruelty-free development is the brain child of German company Nat-2, which was founded by innovator Sebastian Thies. Thies comes from a long line of shoemakers, but has set out to be different to his predecessors – he is dedicated to invention and sustainability.


The young creative is behind his brands latest design: a completely vegan unisex trainer, made from recycled coffee grounds. The shoe comes in a high-top and a low-top style, and is covered in a layer of this new patented material, which even carries the delicious scent of coffee.


Every aspect of the shoe has been thought through regarding its impact on the environment, for example, the coffee grounds used in the trainer’s production originate from sustainably harvested plants. Likewise, the trainers feature recycled rubber outsoles, antibacterial padded cork soles, faux suede sections in recycled PET bottles, and water-based glue.


The coffee-shoe isn’t the only vegan-venture for the company – they also create cruelty-free shoes using mushroom leather, sustainable wood, corn, pineapple leather, grass, stone, and beans.


As more people become aware of the cruelty of the leather industry, and of how fashion production can severely  impact the environment, we hope to see more companies adopting the methods and materials that Nat-2 is making waves with.




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