GLOW star Kate Nash gone Vegan

Singer songwriter turned actor Kate Nash has recently announced that she has turned vegan!

Having recently turned her talents to acting, Nash is now the star of the new Netflix series GLOW (which stands for ‘Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’) and portrays the character Rhonda Richardson (aka Britannica) a British born Print Model.

Nash, who has been a vegetarian for 8 years due to her love of animals, has recently announced that she has made the transition to veganism.

A year ago, almost to the day, she Tweeted saying “I’ve gone vegan. Tryin it on for size. Been veggie for like 8 years?? Watched @OKJAnetflix & it took me to the next level” along-side a picture of her holding a Vego Bar.

In the past, Nash has been highly criticised for her physic by the media and has admitted that she struggled with mental health issues in the past. Now she has turned vegan however, her burden of mental health seems to have been alleviated. In addition to this, Nash has adopted a new fitness regime to get in shape for the wrestling role and attributes her recent weight loss to this new fitness regime as well as crediting her new vegan diet as a reason for her weight loss saying “I’m actually vegan now, and I’m an advocate for that”.


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