Go Vegan World Ad Not Misleading ASA Rules

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled in favour of the Go Vegan World campaign, finding that the advert is not misleading, as was claimed by complainants.

The advert, which was featured in the Sunday Telegraph in February, received seven complaints challenging the wording including the headline: “humane milk is a myth”. The complaints, some of which came from people with experience in the dairy industry, stated that the advert would mislead readers and that the advert implied breaches of animal welfare regulations in the dairy industry.

Sanda Higgins, Director of Go Vegan World, said: “The aim of the ad is to let people know that no matter where the milk and dairy products they purchase have come from, whether an industrial-scale dairy farm or a smallholding, for each cow, legal, standard practice necessitates her pregnancy, the removal of her calf, and her slaughter, so that we can drink the milk that she produced to feed her infant. The ad highlights that the problem faced by animals in the dairy industry is not how they are treated, but that they are used at all.

“The ad pertains to animal rights; the right of other feeling beings not to be our property and not to be used by us for our ends.”

Go Vegan World had to substantiate their claims to the ASA using evidence and studies. Despite their vindication, Go Vegan World has reason to worry.

In a statement they said: “It must be noted that some involved in the dairy industry have attempted to have the ad withdrawn, thereby preventing people from learning the truth. If they think the industry they are involved in is fair or humane, why do they try to silence us?”

Why indeed.


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