Going Cold Turkey: Naked Woman Lies Down on a Plate of Vegetables in Liverpool City Centre in Protest against Traditional Christmas Dinners

A woman stripped completely naked in Liverpool city centre and lay on a plate as part of a protest against turkeys being eaten on Christmas.


With a giant knife and fork either side of her, she lay with fake peas, carrots and sprouts on a plate emblazoned with the message ‘try to relate to who’s on your plate – go vegan’.


The protest went full-frontal, curled herself up into the shape of a traditionally packaged turkey and poured streaks of gravy on herself for added realism.


PETA director Elisa Allen told the Liverpool Echo: “PETA is encouraging people to extend the holiday spirit of peace and goodwill to all by leaving animals off their plates this Christmas.

“Thanks to the array of mock meats available, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a festive meal packed with all the flavour but none of the cruelty of meat”.



Credit: Daily Mail

Picture Credit: Liverpool Echo


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