Greyhound Racing Made Illegal in Canberra, Australia

Greyhound racing has been made illegal in Canberra, Australia. The new law makes it illegal for greyhounds to be raced in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory), and there is a new strict welfare code that outlaws the training of dogs for racing.

The new welfare code means that dogs are to be kept under strict standards for nutrition, housing, transport, medical care, exercise, socialisation and the retirement and rehoming of greyhounds used for racing. These new welfare rules mean that trainers are not given the opportunity to prepare their dogs for interstate races, which, in turn, could eradicate greyhound training further across Australia.

Greyhounds may still be trained, however anyone racing or trialling greyhounds will face up to a $15,000 fine, one year in prison, or both penalties. The new law is being appealed by the Canberra Greyhound Racing Club.

Annie Boddey, Co-Founder and Campaign Co-ordinator for Action for Greyhounds, said: “It is another victory which has been achieved in the big fight to end greyhound racing worldwide.

“Over more recent years, with the aid of social media it has allowed campaign groups from all over the world to interact and share campaign information and therefore giving more strength against the industry and the steady decline has had a knock on effect.

“When each track closes it will mean less greyhounds will need to bred for the industry, less greyhounds will be exploited, less greyhounds will risk their lives whilst competing on dangerous tracks with many injuries being fatal and less greyhounds will need to find homes, which can, in turn be offered to other unwanted (non-greyhound) dogs in shelters awaiting adoption.”

In addition, Boddey said: “In March 2018, for the first time since commercial greyhound racing began in Britain in 1926, and under pressure from DEFRA and animal welfare/campaign groups, the industry governing body the GBGB (Greyhound Board of Great Britain) had to produce their annual injury and death figures for their racing greyhounds.”

In 2017, figures show that there were 4,837 injured greyhounds and 1,013 deaths. These figures are for licensed tracks only, and only the number of deaths for animals that have been killed ‘trackside’, and not animals that have died away from the race site.

You can find out more about Action for Greyhounds here.


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