Halloween sweets


Candy Kittens

Gourmet vegan sweets in tropical mango, made with real mango juice and palm oil-free! Will make amazing, delicious Halloween sweet. Made from natural ingredients, flavours and colours, they are irresistibly tasty. £1, ocado.com

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Conscious Candy Co

A gigantic 1kg bag of vegan pick and mix that will give trick or treaters (or yourself!) joy this Halloween with these tasty Halloween sweets, with over 80 varieties of sweets, including fizzy cherries, bubble gum bottles, gummy eggs and more! £9.99, consciouscandy.co.uk


Biona Organic

These Organic Sour Snakes put the 's' in sour! They are tangy, chewy and delightfully zingy. They will make great Halloween sweets. They are also gluten-free! £2.40, ocado.com


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