Meet the Team: Hannah Allen

Name: Hannah Allen
Job Title: Subscriptions Manager

When did you become vegetarian then vegan?
I went straight to being Vegan in 2015.

What influenced your change to vegan?
I always used to get frustrated with different types of people not being treated as equals and never even thought about animals as I was never educated at school about animal welfare. I watched my first graphic video in January 2015 on chicks being put in a gas chamber and gassed to death. I was so shocked and appalled that this was going on in the world. I made a stand there and then that I could not justify eating or giving my money to the meat and dairy industry.

I went from eating meat straight to being a vegan, I am learning new things every day and I am looking at the positives of this lifestyle because already my friends and family around me who didn’t know about the industry are becoming more and more educated and have stopped eating meat and dairy.

Do you have a role model? If so, who?
Miley Cyrus- She really puts her voice to young people about veganism in a positive way (HAPPY HIPPIE FOUNDATION)

Favourite meal: Green Thai Curry, it’s easy and delicious.

Something else about me:
I have a crazy obsession with cats. I am the crazy cat lady at 23 years of age!


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