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Have you tried pistachio milk yet, the newest plant-milk trend?

Pistachio milk seeks to bring added appetite to vegan milk market

The vegan milk category is undeniably doing well (£536m +14.2%) with over one in five of us moving away from cow’s milk; a decision prompted by escalating concerns around health, ethics and the wider environment.


Digging a bit deeper, it’s clear to see that oat milk continues to dominate the plant-based milk landscape, outstripping its rivals largely on account of Oatly and its cheeky ‘pack chat’ with soya and traditional nut milks all flailing in its wake.

But here’s the thing, everything’s about to change because whilst almond and cashew milks continue to tread water, Borna Foods have focused their efforts on bringing the ‘king of nuts’, the glorious pistachio to the breakfast table, courtesy of lightly sweetened and unsweetened pistachio milks (500ml) that comes complete with added B12 and calcium (from natural sources).


Although historically deemed too pricey for the UK’s increasingly avant-garde alternative milk fixture, it soon came clear that for nut milks to return to the dizzy heights of yesteryear that they needed to pin their hopes on a nut brimming with gastronomic allure, to create a dense, velvety-textured nut drink that’s low in calories yet high in fibre and good nutrition.

Pistachio Milk Debut

This November sees Borna Pistachio milks make their debut in Amazon and Ocado, leaning on the business’s proud health food wholesaler pedigree to reclaim the alternative milk fixtures of major MULTs, food halls and discerning independent stores.

As a London-based producer, Borna Foods is also an active supporter of the capital’s Felix project that works tirelessly to tackle hunger in the capital.pistachio milkIf you try pistachio milk any time soon, let us know what you think, and where you think it might soon stand within the ranks of vegan plant and nut milks.


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