What the Health is released on Netflix

What the Health, from the makers of Cowspiracy, has been released on Netflix today. The film has been executively produced by Joaquin Phoenix, a vegan actor, producer and activist, and follows Kip Andersen as he explores the relationship between diet and health.

Kip Anderson and, co-director, Keegan Kuhn’s follow up to Cowspiracy is just as powerful and ultimately questions the impartiality of health organisations around the world.

Anderson, a self-proclaimed hypochondriac, was inspired to make What the Health as his family have a history of poor health. It becomes increasingly clear to him, and us, throughout the documentary that diet is a key health indicator.

What the Health manages to be simultaneously terrifying and extremely interesting. We journey through the film through Anderson’s eyes and the fast-pace of the documentary does mean that at some points you may need to pause to process what’s being said.

Undoubtedly, What the Health is just as thought provoking as Cowspiracy and makes you question everything you thought you knew about health and diet. Carbohydrate, sugar and fat myths are dispelled and replaced with a terrifying truth that many of the public are possibly completely unaware of.

In one particularly shocking moment, Anderson reveals that the World Health Organisation categorises processed meat as a group one carcinogen — the same category as smoking tobacco, asbestos and plutonium.

There is no doubt that this documentary will split opinions but we suspect that this is part of the genius of What the Health. It’s a contentious subject and one that will get people thinking and talking about meat consumption, and that has to be a good thing.


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