A Heart-Driven Vegan Duo Hopes To Eradicate A Cruel Tradition And Start Saving Millions

With only a few days left before Christmas Day, it surely is the season for compassion, and one vegan duo has teamed up to use the momentum and create a massive change for animals in a place, where few voices for them currently exist.

Ashton and Denitsa have created VeganBeyond – a US-Bulgarian friendship and partnership, which has grown and developed over six years, has resulted in a campaign that aims to spark a one-of-a-kind humane revolution in Denitsa’s home country, Bulgaria.

While UK and US children sing Christmas carols, over 90 per cent of children in Bulgarian households are doomed to participate in the traditional pig slaughter that happens this time of the year. It’s a matter of honor and celebration to have pork at the Christmas table, and even more so, when the poor animal has been killed in an unbelievably stressful, inhumane way (usually at the family’s country house).

Ashton and Denitsa are hoping to create The New Life Vegan Food And Educational which will produce  educational packs as well as free lectures and workshops, closely adapted to the cultural and socio-economic environment of the region. The ultimate result of all activities, carried out in the center will be to un-root the ritual slaughter traditions, which are common for all types of occasions year-round, and to start reducing the animal consumption in Bulgaria, which is currently on the rise.

Ashton and Denitsa’s goal is to provide free educational resources and affordable food options in a place, where these are literally non-existent. Ashton’s years-long managerial experience and Denitsa’s vast organizational skills have come together to create a long-term strategy, which they are ready to put into action once they collect the seed capital needed.

To help them manifest this vision, please support their campaign here.


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