Heartbreaking Fur Film Caught By Hidden Cameras

Brian Blessed and Joanna Lumley are supporting a campaign by Animal Defenders International to end the fur trade, which is responsible for the death of more than 110 million animals a year.


A new film called A Lifetime has been launched today by Animal Defenders International about the short lives of three arctic foxes, Borys,Eryk and Aleska, who were born on a Polish fur farm. The film is a heartbreaking window into the cruel trade which is illegal in the UK, though fur products are still rife in the fashion industry.


Joanna Lumley has spoken out against the fur trade saying: “Be comfortable in your own skin, and not that of a poor defenceless animal caged and killed to provide it. Say no to fur and yes to helping these fashion victims. Please help ADI stop this brutal trade.”


In the wild, foxes are shy and inquisitive and roam over large territories. However, the Animal Defenders International film shows the truth. These beautiful creatures are being stolen from their mothers, forced to live in small bare wire cages and subsequently dragged from their cages by their tails, hung upside down and electrocuted.


Jan Creamer, Animal Defenders International President, said: “Over 100 million animals die for their fur every year. Our film shows the lives of these intelligent, feeling individuals and the cruelty they suffer when treated like a product. Just because they are not like us.

“Playful fox cubs, Borys and Eryk, grow up in a small cage and die a terrifying and painful death for vanity and trinkets. This is the real cost of fur – when you buy fur, you buy cruelty, not beauty or luxury.”

Creamer continued: “Small, barren cages denying wild animals anything natural are the norm for an industry responsible for the cruel and unnecessary killing of over 100 million animals every year for vanity.


“In the UK 74% of the public opposes the wearing of fur, so it is disappointing that 17 years after the banning of fur farms here, the country remains a hub for the import and export of fur products.  We need a concerted effort to eliminate this trade worldwide and that includes people being on the look-out for real fur being sold as fake.”


Actor Brian Blessed said: “Millions of wild animals live on factory farms, bred for the fashion industry. It’s time to kill the suffering, not the animal. Always choose faux and not real fur and support ADI in this campaign.”

If you want to check if fur products are real or fake, take a look at this article by PETA.


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