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Welcome to July! Yes… July. This year has flown by, and already, we have spent six jam-packed months of 2021 bringing you all there is to know about vegan activism, food and living.

This month, the Vegan Life team met with a profoundly motivational vegan - Alfredo Meschi. The Italian-born performer, artist and activist is covered with tattoos - 40,000 X's to be precise. Why? Because every single second, that is the number of animals that are killed for human consumption. When the artivist told us this fact, we were quite taken aback - and it affirmed within us that the vegan path is the right one. Make sure to check out his interview - and the awe-striking images that accompany it.

Our columnist Maria Slough also caught up with a notable plant-powered figure this month - the director of campaigns for Animals Australia, Lisa Chalk. Led by Lisa, the impactful organisation has run numerous campaigns, seeking to bring an end to meat-eating through investigations into Live Animal Exports, and has changed the hearts of countless people worldwide.

Also in this issue, with lockdown restrictions eased, it's time to get family and friends together to enjoy a pizza party! Stuck for ideas? Don't worry - our recipes pages are packed with pizza variations for all tastes and preferences. And, if your guests still have room for dessert, we've got your back. Our ice cream and lollies will bring joy to all who try them - sunshine or not!

And, for all you Grand Designs and DIY SOS lovers - our ultimate guide to vegan homeware will answer all your questions, from how to check whether a sofa is vegan-friendly to the importance of plant-based paint. If you want to have a go at 'doing it yourself', try your hand at our creative ideas, and learn a brand-new skill.

Have a fantastic month!

Gema Tadman - Editor
Gema Tadman - Editor
Chocolate Hazelnut Fudgsicles

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Chocolate Hazelnut Fudgsicles
Recipe by Amy Lanza, Nourishing Amy with Divine Chocolate, nourishingamy.com


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