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Welcome to March - the precursor for spring and new life. We've made it through the worst part of winter, and can now hope for sunnier, perhaps merrier times to come.

I'd like to open this issue with an excerpt of a poem by James Perry, printed in PACT Animal Sanctuary's new book, Pets in Poetry and Prose, and I'd like to dedicate it to everyone that has lost someone recently, whether human or non-human animal. It reads: \"Nature has the power of healing; its gifts are there for all. They are constantly
replenished, abundant, plentiful. So, when you are out in nature, it is not silence you desire, but the sounds of life ongoing.\"

I hope these words can tempt you to step outside, wherever you are and whatever you are feeling, so that nature in all its forms might bring you some solace for any difficulties you are going through. And I hope that this issue of Vegan Life motivates you to keep your
head up and continue you to be the best vegan that you can be and in turn, give back to mother Earth.

This issue, we were lucky to meet so many inspirational people and organisations - starting with vegan chef and passionate mental health advocate, Brett Cobley. On page 20, Brett explains how he uses vegan food to show people love and tells us why he feels so strongly about mental health awareness. Indeed, it's so important to take care of our own mental wellbeing. If you feel like yours needs a little boost, head to page 86, where we run down seven ways that you can support yours.

Speaking of support, Henry Staelens and his team at Forest Green Rovers' Community Trust are doing wonders to aid local families. On page 44, Maria Slough chats to Henry about the Trust's work to feed their community and initiatives to engage with people in
their area.

Also, in this issue, we've got a vegan baking spectacular (page 62) - with the ultimate guide to cooking swaps and hacks and an interview with a pro plant-based baker. There's also a delicious assortment of sweet breakfast recipes (page 29), gluten-free lunches
(page 49), afternoon tea treats (page 71) and easy traybake dinners (page 91). Make sure to try out a few (or all!).

And in other exciting news, Vegan Life is starting up a podcast! Hosted by the hilarious Jake Yapp, we'll be bringing you fantastic listening related to all thing's vegan food. More details coming soon.

Have a great month!

Gema Tadman - Editor
Gema Tadman - Editor

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Lentil & Mushroom Ragout with Mashed Potatoes, p53
Recipe from Recipe from Vegan and Easy
by Bianca Zapatka (Lotus Publishing).


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