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In what feels like the blink of an eye - the children's six weeks holiday has come and gone. And that means it's back-to-school season! With this in mind, we thought it was the right time to delve into the world of vegan babies and kids. There is so much scepticism about raising plant-based children, but it's all just a matter of awareness of information and research. Take a read of our special feature this month, where we work to dispel myths and help you to raise healthy, happy, kind and compassionate humans, with advice from real vegan parents. Even if you don't look after kids or don't want to have any in the future, it's so important to understand why veganism is beneficial for them, just in case you ever need to vouch for the movement's safety among all stages of life.

Our recipe pages this month are packed with tasty lunchbox recipes for returning to school or the office, as well as easy, sweet eats that kids (and you) will love getting stuck into. You'll also enjoy an assortment of seasonal breakfasts (brimming with delicious berries and apples!) and 30-minute-meals for those days when time is short.

Talking of cooking, we were honoured to meet professional vegan chef, Josie Clemens this month. Josie made history this summer, by becoming the first ever vegan to appear on Hell's Kitchen US. In our exclusive interview, she tells Vegan Life all about the exciting experience, as well as the challenges of being a vegan chef in the culinary world.

Also in this issue, our columnist Maria Slough continues her quest to learn more about plant-based dogs; India Terry explains how we can find inner balance by reconnecting with the Earth, and Laura Gaga runs an ultra-marathon, powered by plant-based surplus and reduced-price foods.

Have a wonderful month!

Gema Tadman - Editor
Gema Tadman - Editor

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Marbled Waffles
Recipe from Vegan and Easy by Bianca Zapatka
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