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We catch up with the team from leading vegan haircare brand, Herbatint

Hello! Please tell us more about Herbatint’s newest product.

Herbatint Touch Up Stick was created to meet the very obvious gap in the Vegan beauty market. Herbatint permanent hair colour has long been the leading vegan registered product on the market and remains the firm favourite for vegans looking for a less toxic permanent hair colourant.

However, as with all permanent hair colours, Herbatint users still have to cope with the dreaded grey stripe that starts to appear as the hair grows. Whilst Herbatint provides a better solution to this problem than other products, because one can mix just enough product to cover the regrowth, the process takes as long as colouring a full head of hair.

The Touch Up Stick will take 5 minutes to apply and will last until the next shampoo. Like all Herbatint products, TUS contains the absolute minimum of irritants. Allowing users to save time, avoid the embarrassing grey stripe and reduce the amount of permanent colourants used.

How does the brand ensure sustainability goals are met?

Herbatint is a registered B Good company, which requires that the company operates in a rigorously monitored sustainable manner. Treats the workers fairly, emites the minimum of greenhouse gasses. The factory has been designed in a very eco-friendly way and is powered totally from renewables. Packaging is constantly monitored to ensure that it as sustainable as possible.


Temporary Touch Up Stick

The ‘on-the-go’ solution that offers temporary coverage for grey hair regrowth without needing to dye your whole hair. Coming in four different shades, the product brushes on and washes out, for easy use. It’s also enriched with almond oil to gently moisturise dry hair and contains up to 93 per cent ingredients of natural origin. £9.99, herbatint.co.uk


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