House of Fraser Revoke Fur Policy

House of Fraser Revoke Fur Policy


House of Fraser has formally revoked their 10-year long anti-fur policy, after posting a new pro-fur policy online.


The news comes as a bitter shock to anti-fur campaigners, as many fashion designers have recently announced that they will stop using real fur in their garments.


The company website is currently selling clothing made using raccoons and rabbits, despite products appearing to be removed online after protests from campaigners back in November of this year.


‘A Backwards Step’


CEO at Evolve Activism, Emma Jade Easton, commented: “It’s disappointing to see that House of Fraser has officially revoked their longstanding fur-free commitment.”


“It’s a backwards step as fashion houses and most high street stores are banning fur.”


“We urge House of Fraser to rethink this decision. There is no such thing as humanely or ethical-sourced fur, which has no place in a so-called modern society.”


The revised policy from the fashion retailers was posted to Evolve Activism’s Facebook group yesterday.



Image courtesy of Animal Rights Photography


Burberry, Gucci, Versace and Michael Korrs are just a few of the major brands that are taking a stand against animal cruelty by banning the use of such items in their collections, opting for faux alternatives instead.


Stella McCartney’s brand is even using alternatives to leather, opting for materials such as recycled ocean plastic in her collaboration with sports brand Adidas.


As of September 2018, London Fashion Week became the first major fashion week to not display any fur on its catwalk.


The vegan community will certainly be saddened by this news, and we hope that the House of Fraser sees sense and imminently bans fur throughout its stores.


Images courtesy of Animal Rights Photography



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