Jo Amit and Mark Hirschel - Hownd vegan dog food

Since Hownd vegan dog food was launched in 2015 by cofounders Jo Amit and Mark Hirshal, the brand has been powered by plants, not animals. Driven by ethics, not profits, Jo and Mark have grown the company from their first few dog grooming products to an expansive companion animal brand that produce a range of superfood fuelled dog foods, along with accessories and animal care items.

Hownd’s core values and ethics, combined with their bold approach to innovation has completely paid off, with Jo and Mark’s products now available in more than 11 different counties including America and the UAE. The company has won a myriad of awards and recognition, including the PetQuip Pet Product of the Year for its Skin, Nose and Paw Balm, as well as for their Hemp Wellness Treats.

With notable aims of trying to reduce the carbon footprint of the petfood industry, halt deforestation and bring an end to the suffering of animals bred for pet food, Hownd are certainly one to root for. The brand says that they are ‘On a mission to radically change the pet industry. It won’t be easy. But with your help it will be a lot easier’ (dogslovehownd.com) — now, that’s a mission that we can get on board with.


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