Humans Die When We Test Their Drugs on Animals

It may not a shock to many of us, but in a recent article published by the animal charity PETA, it has been suggested once again that animal testing is not effective when testing drugs for human use.

The reasons behind their beliefs are based on a number of cases past and present that confirm drug testing on animals that are to be used and consumed by humans is inaccurate and can actually be detrimental to our health, in some cases, resulting in death.

This unfortunately has been the case recently in The Netherlands where 11 new born babies have recently died as a result of a clinical trial that was carried out on rats involving a drug called sildenafil (better known as Viagra). The mothers of the babies were then given the Viagra as it was assumed that the drug was safe to use on humans. The drug was trialled in 10 hospitals throughout The Netherlands and was prescribed to a total of 93 women who had underperforming placentas. This resulted in 17 of their babies suffering from the lung disease, 11 died.

This sadly is not an isolated case as back in 2016, a French drug trial left one-man brain dead resulting in his death, and five others critically ill in hospital. The drug had previously been tested on dogs, monkeys, rats, and mice at doses of up to 400 times higher than those given to the human volunteers.

So why do we continue to test human medication on animals? After all, animals have entirely different bodily functions and composition to that of humans, so isn’t it obvious that their reaction to drugs is therefore also going to be entirely different to that of humans? Not to mention the fact that animals are sentient beings, they feel pain, they feel fear, therefore these rigorous and torturous experiments are highly traumatic for them and will result in a painful death.

Progress is being made as Brussels regional government is in the process of approving a ban on dog, cats, and non-human primate experimentation. However, this won’t come into effect until 1 January 2020. In addition to this, new artificial intelligence has emerged that could also put an end to cruel animal experiementation.

In the mean-time, how many humans and non-humans are going to suffer at the hands of these inaccurate experimentations?


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