Iceland’s palm oil advert chosen as the most effective ad of 2018

UK supermarket Iceland, released an advert in 2018 looking at the deforestation of orangutan habitats for palm oil, having previously pledged to remove it from their own-brand products.

The advert was banned from national television, but picked up a huge amount of attention, not only because it was refused air time on TV, but also because of its poignant message.

Following this, Kantar Millward Brown, an advertising agency which also studies the effectiveness of adverts around the Christmas period looked at how the Iceland Ran-Tan advert sat with consumers.

They found that viewers of the advert scored it top on 10 categories out 12 when watching the commercial, including enjoyment, relevant, persuasion, involvement and on being different from others.

Writing about the ad in their annual analysis of seasonal adverts, Kantar Millward Brown wrote: “The effectiveness of the ad – which has been viewed more than 30 million times online – shows it’s possible to make a huge impact without spending on a TV campaign, if you have an emotionally compelling story that creates ‘buzz’ in the media.”

The advert was banned from television because the advert was originally created for Greenpeace, who have political associations, with the advert appearing on their website.

Iceland vowed to remove palm oil from their own brand items in 2018, and the retailer is working to reduce their plastic use also, making items free from it where possible.


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