Iceland's Paper Bag Pledge

Last week, we spoke about how Morrisons are going to introduce paper grocery bags in an attempt to replace the single use plastic bags they currently use for their loose fruit and vegetables.

Now, Iceland have revealed that they will be introducing recyclable paper shopping bags in a bid to eliminate plastic shopping bags altogether. The paper shopping bags will cost 10p each, are reusable and can hold up to 8kgs of weight. The paper used for the bags will sustainably certified and for every tree harvested, four will be planted to replace it. At the moment, this a just trial to see how successful the paper bags will be and is set to run across Iceland stores in the Merseyside region.

The announcement follows Iceland’s pledge earlier this year to become a plastic free supermarket by the year 2023. The company have said that the government’s introduction of a 5p charge on plastic bags back in 2015 has reduced the number of plastic bags used by 80 per cent, however this means that 3 million plastic bags are still being used each week.

In April this year, Iceland were the first supermarket to announce that by the end of 2018, they will be palm oil free on all of their own brand products, acknowledging the drastic affects palm oil has on tropical rain forests due to deforestation. In addition to this, Iceland have numerous commentaries posted on their website revealing their feelings on palm oil and plastic waste. They also outline their plans on how to combat these issues they feel so strongly about.

Plastic is so damaging to our environment and does not degrade. As a result of this, a staggering 12.7 million tonnes enter our oceans each year, so the fact that major supermarkets like Iceland are taking steps to protect our environment, is very postive news indeed.



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