IKEA Launch Conservation Themed Kids Range

IKEA have launched a new conservation themed collection, aimed at children and teenagers. The collection includes some of the world’s most iconic animals that are a threat, including lions, elephants, tigers, pandas and orangutans. There are two collections, DJUNGELSKOG and URSKOG with one designed for children and one for teenagers.

The new DJUNGELSKOG range has soft toys and furnishings to compliment children’s bedrooms and hopefully prompt some conversations about the future of these animals on our planet. Nina Hughes, the range manager for Children’s Ikea spoke to Mother Nature News, and said: “We started the project from the perspective ‘how can we engage children in sustainability topics?’

“We always start from the child’s perspective and we know that wild animals fascinate them. Children also have a great sense of fairness and equality, so the direction of endangered animals became obvious early on.”

The URSKOG collection is aimed at pre-teens and teenagers with duvet sets and soft furnishings available in a range of colours to educate and encourage awareness with a hashtag available for them to use from the product.

The new ranges were developed with help from WWF, and although not all the animals featured are endangered, they are classified as vulnerable, or are animals that are at threat from future problems.

Hughes added: “IKEA has a long-standing relationship with WWF, so it was with their help that we identified the animal to focus on. The animals were chosen with WWF’s input but also animals that we thought the children could relate to, connect with and recognise. The orangutan is an animal we feel strongly about due to IKEA’s involvement in the Sow a Seed Foundation.”

The Sow a Seed Foundation was founded by late IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad in 1998 to rehabilitate rainforests and help displaced animals, such as orangutans return to their native habitat.

You can view the new range here and here.


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