IKEA are launching vegan soft serve ice cream, an addition their bistro menu to cater for vegan customers. The Swedish furniture chain shared the news via Instagram, announcing that the product will be available in summer 2019.

In recent months IKEA have been announcing more plans to improve food options for vegans in their bistros, as well as improve their sustainability credentials. Their vegan hot dog is set to be launched in stores around the world within the next few months.

In addition, IKEA have pledged to remove all single-use plastic products from their stores by 2020, including straws, plastic cups, and freezer bags, and will no longer allow these items in their in-store restaurants.

In a press release, the company said: “IKEA reocgnises that single-use plastic can harm wildlife and pollute oceans and waterways when it is not disposed of reasonably. We are determined to play our part and take responsibility in the areas where we can make a difference.”

IKEA have set out new principles for sustainability, which will be in place by 2030. Initiatives set out include using only renewable and recycled materials, zero emission home deliveries by 2025 and reduce their climate footprint by 70 per cent per product.

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