Dairy company Fonterra has admitted their concerns over the sustainability of dairy farming following the release of their first sustainability report, giving overview into their environmental performance across 16 years.

Reports have also shown that the people of New Zealand are becoming increasingly worried about the effects of animal agriculture, which has been reflected in the increasing number of vegans in the country’s population. The report from Fonterra acknowledges public concern for the impact that dairy farming has on our environment.

Fonterra Admits Concerns Over Sustainability of Dairy Farming 1

The admission of the unsustainable future of dairy farming is a big step in the right direction to change attitudes and manage the industry better, but many believe it’s a case of too little too late from the company.

Martin Taylor, chief executive of Fish and Game said: “Fonterra’s sudden acknowledgement that it needs to operate sustainably and environmentally is long overdue.”

Last year the EU banned dairy style names from plant based products, a move seen to be a response to falling profits in the dairy industry, so the admission from the dairy industry themselves that their practice is unsustainable can only bring about positive change to help the environment and animals in the long term.




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