Innovative vegan silk added to new beauty range

Silk is an ingredient that is often used in beauty products, but the barbaric practices of the silk industry make and it being an animal-derived product means it is unsuitable for vegans.

Silk is produced by silk worms, which are boiled alive in their cocoons for the material to be extracted – to make just one kilogram, over six thousand worms are killed.

However, innovative US-based company, Bolt Threads have developed a synthetic vegan silk product. The product is based off of spider silk that is strong and resilient, but without the need to use the real thing.

Spiders have never been farmed for their silk as they are typically very solitary and cannibalise one another if forced to cohabit.

Bolt Threads created Microsilk, which is made from yeast, water, sugar and a fermentation process, and the thread has been used by Stella McCartney in her fashion designs.

The product has now been introduced to luxury beauty range Eighteen B, in their Revitalising Hydrogel Moisturiser, and the Hydrate and Restore rich cream.

The man-made silk provides a structural protein with qualities similar to collagen and elastin, which help the natural functions of the skin.

The b-silk improves skin firmness and elasticity, enhances skin texture and smoothness and improves overall radiance and luminosity.

The range is also free from parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and silicone.


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