International vegan film festival opens for submissions

The submissions for the 2019 Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival have opened, asking for filmmakers to enter their work.

This is the second year of the festival with four categories open to filmmakers: animal welfare, environmentalism, health and nutrition and lifestyle. The aim of the festival is to showcase vegan topics from around the world, with feature-length and short films among entries.

Shawn Stratton, founder of the festival, said: “Building on the success of its inaugural year, in which it received 29 film submissions from eight different countries, the Festival aims to showcase quality short and long-form films from around the world.

The festival accepts films from both professional and amateur filmmakers with large and small budgets.”

He added: “The 2018 Grand Prize winner, 73 Cows was actually produced on a very small budget. That film went on to receive the prestigious Best Short Film prize at the 2019 BAFTA Awards and was shown at the European Parliament in Brussels in March.”

With veganism being a topic that is paving its way to the mainstream media, discussing vegan issues and presenting them in a film format gives non-vegans the opportunity to learn about the lifestyle.

Some vegan forms of vegan activism don’t resonate with non-vegans, thus pushing them away from the cause. Films provide an educational platform for vegans to share important messages and stories about the movement, covering a range of topics.

Submissions are open until July 31, 2019, and you can find out more here.