There seems to be a growing trend among American Football players. Some of the biggest names in the game including Tom Brady, QB for the Patriots, Trent Williams, left tackle for the Redskins, and Adrian Peterson, Saints running back, are following a vegan diet and reports indicate that Griff Whalen may be turning heads in the Ravens pre-season and encouraging team mates such as Carl David and Michael Pierce.

While these NFL players cannot be described as completely vegan, as most are only adopting the diet of a vegan rather than the all-encompassing lifestyle, more people opting to cut meat from their diets must be a good thing.

It appears that the improvements in performance as well as recovery times are encouraging NFL players to ditch the dairy, eggs and meat and focus on plant based options.

Whalen says that his team mates are curious about his choices: “They’re like, ‘So you don’t eat meat, fish, dairy or eggs?’ And then they look at their plate and it’s basically all animal products

“It’s just a huge change from what Americans typically eat. Hey, I grew up in Ohio eating your typical Midwest diet.”

Clearly, he is turning heads. On twitter Carl Davis (@Trenchwork94) said: “Thinking about going vegetarian then vegan soon. Ima miss steak and chicken though.”

Michael Pierce (@mikepierce_97) replied: “I’m With It!”

Do you think NFL is becoming the most plant based sport?

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