It Started With An Ant

By Alice Griffin


There were parents laughing
At the calculated killing
Of ants.
And yet when a pet dog was beaten
… In a calculated killing …
They took an altogether different stance.

You see ants don’t matter
That’s just kids having fun
But dogs, they’re our friends
“Murderers! Scum!”

And yet who gets to decide
How we view the end?
A life is surely a life
Each breath worth the fight
And so we ease our conscience
By applying labels to help justify and make sense
Of the indiscriminate ways we treat our fellow men.


Ants are tiny
Spiders scary
Slugs slimy
Rats hairy
So we can exterminate them
With gleeful fury
Still retaining our
Innocence and purity.

Then there are pigeons, pheasants and fish
And it’s OK to kill them as they’re for our dish.
But what of pigs, cows and horses?
Well now, they do taste good
Depending what your culture is.
And lambs, of course…
“Oh My God they’re so CUTE!”
So hey, just close your eyes when they shoot.

Can anybody else see the hypocrisy
Of what we choose to kill
Or with, share our intimacy?

It started with an ant
But I sometimes wonder
When will killing humans
Be seen as no blunder?




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